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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Silhouette Cameo Raffle

Have you been wanting a Cameo, but just cannot afford it? Do you know someone else that would love a Cameo? Here is your chance to get in on this Silhouette Cameo Raffle!! 

A little of why I chose to do it in a raffle form. I've seen many companies doing a "Cameo giveaway" if you spend x amount of dollars in their store, or on their website, etc. I thought about doing it the same way, but figured that if I chose to do it that way not everyone would have a chance to win, because those that do not have a cutting machine are not going to make a purchase through my store. So, after long thought I figured a raffle format would be best suitable for everyone and far cheaper for everyone as well. I also chose to only sell 80 tickets, as it will give everyone better odds of winning; instead of competing with 200 people that have placed an order through a particular company.

 This is not for a charity or a fundraiser - it is the same as if I were to say "If you spend $20 in my store, you'll be entered to win a Cameo". I've had many questions asking if this was a charity or fundraiser, and I just wanted to make it clear that it is not. I'm not looking to make profit off of this at all, and again - it truly is no different than the other companies that have stated to shop in their store, spend this much money, and then you'll be entered. This raffle is far cheaper, better odds, and gives everyone a chance to win! 

With each ticket you will be emailed your ticket number (to the payment email) along with a photo of your ticket, which has your name on it. For the drawing - I will be doing the drawing via video. I will be placing all raffle tickets into a bucket and/or coffee can and one of my boys will pull the winner. It will be done the old school way, no random.org winner or any of that with this drawing. I will be videoing each detail of the drawing for everyone to see, and it will be placed on my blog and on my fan page. 

So, here are the details. 

Tickets are only $5 each - Max of 5 per person. 
If you want to purchase more than one, you'll have to go through the check out that many times. Unfortunately, the shopping cart I use does not allow a qty amount to be put in. I apologize for that!  

Only 80 tickets will be sold. 

You can purchase tickets HERE

Drawing will be held December 15, 2012 
 (sooner if all tickets are sold out before then)

I wish everyone lots of luck in this drawing!! I hope to be able to sell all 80 tickets soon, so that I'll be able to do the drawing sooner. 

Happy Scrappin' 


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