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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cricut, ProvoCraft, MTC and SCAL

There is much speculation out there as to what is going to happen with the SCAL and MTC software. I can only speak on the MTC software here because that's the suit that has reached a settlement. SCAL's suit was just filed and I'm sure it will take some time to reach a settlement with them, so SCAL users have some time to breath still. 

As word has for all you MTC users as long as you have the current version you should be fine and MTC will continue to work with your Cricut. However, if you upgrade to the newer version that will be coming out you will lose all "Cut to Cricut" options. So, if you want to continue to use your MTC software with your Cricut it's best to NOT update your MTC software with the newest version that will be coming out. 

Now for those of you that wanted this software but have yet to purchase it. Now is the time. You must act now! As long as you purchase and download the software BEFORE the update comes out then you will still be able to use this with your Cricut. It is recommended that you save the file to your computer when you download it and keep your registration number in a safe place in case you would have to reload this software into your computer again. It's always wise to make a back up copy of any program you use. You can get your copy today by clicking on the link on the right hand side of my blog. You can get it today for $58.36. MTC only has 30 days to impose the settlement agreement, so be sure to click that link and get your copy today! You wouldn't want to miss out on this amazing program!

Here is what was posted in one of my MTC Yahoo Groups.  

"I know everyone has questions,and there has been a lot of speculation about what the settlement of the lawsuit against Andy and MTC means for the future of MTC. I will try to answer some of the questions for which I have answers. However, we need to be patient, as Andy is preparing a public statement which should be posted in a few days. Ann, his wife, has stated that you should still be able to use your MTC files with Make The Cut. So we know that the software itself is not disappearing. I will post Andy's official statement here when it becomes available.

You may read the summary of the settlement as posted here:

If this summary is accurate, this means that 
1. Use of the backup feature included with MTC version 2.1 will be disabled. 
2. MTC will no longer be sold with the ability to cut directly to the Cricut cutters. 
3. Andy has 30 days to comply with the terms of the settlement.

What is not said, but can be inferred from the article, is that 
1. Existing copies of MTC other than version 2.1 will not be affected by the lawsuit.
2. Those who purchased 2.1 will need t o upgrade to a current version if they are still using it. 
3. Upgrades to the latest version of MTC are free, so nobody will have to re-purchase it to get the upgrade.
4. Those who have not saved the currently available version of MTC should do so ASAP before the next upgrade, if they want to be able to use its full functionality. 
5. MTC updates will not include the Cricut drivers. 
6. PC has not announced any changes to their Cricut Design Studio.
7. Updating your Cricut Design Studio software and Firmware has nothing to do with MTC. You can and should make sure you have the latest Cricut software and firmware even if you do not plan to use MTC. These updates make your Cricut cut more efficiently, and the current version of MTC requires the firmware update to work most efficiently. There has been no mention of CDS updates blocking 3rd party software. PC has chosen instead to bully the 3rd party software companies into withdrawing their ability to cut to Cricut rather than to try to block them. 
8. Source code for the discontinued cartridge "Backup Feature" is separate from the actual MTC program, so there is no reason to believe that the MTC program itself is at risk of being lost. Andy purposely built in the capability to cut to many machines so that all of his "eggs were not in one basket." Losing Cricut no longer means losing MTC.
9. The settlement does not indicate that copies of current versions of MTC must be disabled. So we should be able to continue to use them with the cutters that currently work with it. Andy has pre viously indicated that drivers for additional cutters will be added as plug-ins, so that they can be added without a need for updating the software.
10. There is no admission of guilt in the settlement. We have laws that establish innocence until proven guilty. The settlement indicates that both parties have worked out their grievances satisfactorily. 
11. Andy has been working on adding new features to MTC which users have requested, and he plans to release that software update soon. When that update is released, it will most likely overwrite all previous versions of MTC that are installed. If you wish to keep the current software version, it would be wise not to do the software update. I will be backing up my current software on another computer in order to be able to access its functions, while still being able to take advantage of the updated software's featu res. We are allowed to install MTC on as many computers as we wish, as long as we run only one at a time.
13. We do not yet know if installing the updated software to a different directory will safeguard our older version. I will report on this as we learn more.
12. The Cricut machines are authorized for sale only in the US and Canada according to the information printed on the box. This means that people all over the rest of the world are purchasing these machines via e-bay and private sales. They are paying top dollar for them, up to $500 US. You can also sell unneeded Cricut Cartridges for about $20-$25 each. Many are considering selling their Cricut machines and cartridges to get enough money to purchase a machine that will still work with MTC, such as a Gazelle, Silhouette SD, Cougar, or a new smaller machine in the Black Cat line that will be more affordable. 

13. If you are unhappy with ProvoCraft policies against MTC and SCAL, you might consider the above option for covering the cost of a machine from a more friendly company. I love my Gazelle! It cuts faster, more accurately, larger, and with more pressure than any Cricut machine can cut. See http://www.scrap-savvy.com/servlet/the-600/Gazelle-by-Bosskut-w-fdsh-/Detail for more information about it. The Cougar comes in a number of different cutting widths, and cuts with even more pressure than the Gazelle, if that would suit your needs better. Those who don't mind being limited to cutting smaller and less hefty projects might consider getting the Silhouette SD or Craft Robo to use w ith MTC. You can also cut to the eCraft from MTC.
14. Your investment in the MTC software is not wasted. If you have purchased it, you can continue to use it. If you are using it with a Cricut, just don't update to a newer version of MTC unless we find a workable solution to do that. 
15. If you have not yet purchased MTC, now would be a good time to do so, before the ban on selling it with the option to cut to the Cricut is enforced.

If the above message answers additional questions that are asked, I may not approve them for posting to the group, as this topic is keeping our message board more busy than many like it to be. I will try to post messages that pose questions or answers that are not covered here.

Thanks for your underst anding. We are all watching this topic attentively, with hope that we will continue to be able to enjoy all the benefits of this great software." 

I truly wish, for the sake of all the Cricut users, that PC and the MTC and SCAL folks could honestly come to an agreement to keep this functioning with the Cricut machine. It's sad to see how greed can take over. 


  1. And if you have lost your registration number use this link to get it again:

  2. Thanks for the info. I have 3.2.1, guess I'll leave it as is. I love it! and I love my Cricut, so I think I'll stay with that also.

  3. It makes me sick to see the greed behind these lawsuits. There's plenty of business to go around for everyone. I love my Cricut; and I love the flexibility that programs like MTC and SCAL add to a great machine. There are way too many cartridges out there that just don't always appeal to the majority. Plus, part of the fun with crafting tools is the ability to be creative. I don't like being limited to what a certain company wants to put out and charge way too much for. Just my humble opinion, of course. It's just a shame that PC is sinking to these depths.

  4. I'm so turned off by corporate greed in every facet of our lives! I own 3 Cricut machines and 55 cartridges. I feel like I more than did my part for PC and yet all they can think of is more, more, more! I love MTC and they deserve to be able to make a living too, PC!!! You don't have to have it all!!!

  5. I try not to watch the evening news, because all you get is crime, greed, and more crime. It's getting the same way here. Only it's Greed, crime and more greed. I like my cricut, and will only buy the cartridges that appeal to me. I only have 24. My Gypsy more than makes me able to use my own creativity. So I'm stickin' with what I've got.
    I do wish PC would be better at negotiating instead of bullying. I think there is more than enough room for PC to protect their copywrites, and for other developers to protect theirs too. Didn't we all learn that in Kindergarten?

  6. very nice the last 2 days i have done my first ever blog hops i so hope i am doing this right mertye learn huggablebear4_u@yahoo.com

  7. I have version 1.4.0 do I need to update or should I stay with the version that I have?


  8. Hopefully the other companies will learn from Provo Crafts big mistake and continue to allow MTC to work on their machines. They will be the winners in the long run, as their sales will be soaring when many Cricut owners will begin to switch their loyalties.