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Monday, January 10, 2011

Want Some Free Promotion???

Well, Treasure Box Designs has a new thing going on. It's called Crafty Treasures and this is a place where your blog, website, etc can be promoted. The details are below as stated on the Treasure Box Site - This is really a great opportunity for almost everyone. Who wouldn't LOVE some promotion in exchange for adding the Treasure Box Designs Crafty Treasures Logo on your website. I think this is such an awesome adventure and it's a win, win for everyone!
Come on over to Treasure Box Designs and get your promotion on!

"Crafty Treasures

We are embarking on a new adventure here at Treasure
Box Designs! called Crafty Treasures. How it will work is you can list your blog/website here on our page with a small sample of your work and the link to your site This feature will be free to you, the only requirement is that you take our Crafty Treasures logo and promote it in your blog/website which is required. If you don't have one and need help I will help you for a small fee! Please contact me to discuss this (email me) as most of you know I am a web and graphic designer. Your blog/website may consist of any handmade crafts scrapbooking, jewelry, paper crafts, digi stamps,
crocheting, sewing, ect... We look forward to promoting
you and becoming affiliated with you:) Thank you for
your interest in Crafty Treasures!!!"

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