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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ribbon Storage

As some of you may know I decided to re-organize my scrappy space and my biggest dilemma was my ribbon. I had all my ribbon in tall storage containers that you would put leftovers in that I found at the Dollar Tree. That was just not working for me anymore. I didn't know what I had and it was SO hard to find what I wanted or needed when I was looking.

I searched and searched to see what I could do to better utilize what ribbon I have. This is what I finally came up with. It works for me. It's now to where I can pull the basket down and see every type and color of ribbon I have. This is not all that I have and I am still working on wrapping the ribbon around the cards but it's getting done slowly but surely, lol.

For all my ribbon on the rolls, which isn't very much, I had my Dad cut me a dowel rob and we placed that on three curtain hooks that you would use to hold the curtain rod up in the middle so that it don't droop down. This also works very well for me.

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