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Monday, January 24, 2011

My Scrappy Corner

I know... I know... I should have posted these a week or so ago once I was finished rearranging/organizing my scrappy corner. Here is my redefined scrap area. It works so much better for me. It works even better if the computer isn't around, lol. I spend too much time blog surfing and not creating! : ) 

These were during the process. 

This is after. I am really, really happy with the way it is set up now. It is so much more functional for me! 

This is my Pampered Chef tool caddy, lol. It works SO perfectly for all my scrappy tools. Who woulda thought? lol 


  1. Awesome....You did a great job organizing it....now are you ready to create and mess it all up again....wait that would be me.....lol

    Great use of the PC caddy:0)

    Sheri G

  2. Wow, look how organized you are. It would take me days to get mine cleaned up enough to take a photo. lol

  3. Thanks, Ladies!

    I make a creative mess all the time, but since I have rearranged and reorganized I have made it a point to clean up my creative chaos before making another big ol' mess. It's working so far, lol.

  4. Thanks for inviting us into your crafty space!

  5. Your corner came out looking amazing.

  6. Love it!! I'm going to do mine & take pics too! However, My basement is unfinished, so we'll see what I Can do with it!!