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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to Resolve the MTC and Kaspersky Issue

Hey Everyone - This morning I woke up to a HUGE problem. My virus protection, Kaspersky, told me that my Make the Cut program had a virus and deleted it from my computer. After spending half the day trying to figure out what in the world was going on, and with a bit of help from BettyM over on the Make the Cut forum I finally figure it all out. It is now up and running
with no problems at all. I was determined to keep my MTC and my Kaspersky because I LOVE Kaspersky and, of course, I could NOT give up my MTC. No way... no how! : )

So, I figure that I would post a little generic tutorial here for those of you having this issue too. Please bear with me as I try to explain this as best as I can. : )

NOTE: I do not have a solution for those using the ZoneAlarm program.

Before you begin doing anything. I recommend that you UNINSTALL MTC, restart your computer, and then download the program again. Once you download it again DO NOT click on "Launch MTC now". We do not want to open it until we go through the following steps first.

First, you will want to open your Kaspersky. Then you will click on settings shown in the photo above.

Once you've clicked on settings this is what you will see (refer to photo above). You will need to click on "Threats and Exclusions".

Once you click on "Threats and Exclusions" this is what you will see. From here you will need to click on settings under the exclusions section.

Once you click on settings this box pops up. With this box you will want to click on "add".

This is what it will look like once you have clicked on "add".

Now, you will need to check both boxes "OBJECT" and "THREATS TYPE". You will see this in the small oval at the top (mine is not checked, as I'm doing this again and I've already completed mine). Then you will need to click on "SELECT OBJECT" this is highlighted in the larger circle.

This is what you will see when you click on "SELECT OBJECT". In the box that pops up paste this into the box ( C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\Make The Cut!\MTC!.exe ) - do not paste the parenthesis. Then click on browse.

Once you have clicked on "BROWSE" this is what will come up. It will be highlighted in blue, and then click "OK". It's going be pop back to the screen before that and click "OK" again.

You will go back to the box with the objects/threats boxes. Notice at the bottom you will now see the file name that you want to be "trusted". Now, you will want to click on "ANY".

When you click on any it's going to say "SPECIFIED: SELECT COMPONENTS". You want to click on this. In the box that pops up check every box and click "OK".

It's going to take you back to the window with the objects/threats box again. You will now need to click on "ENTER THREAT NAME".

In this box you will paste this: Net-Worm.Win32.Kolab.rvx
and then click "OK"

Ok - Now you have that all completed. Let's move on to a few more steps. I'm not totally sure if these steps here are needed, but I completed them just to be on the safe side and my MTC is working just fine now.

Now you will want to click on the tab that says "TRUSTED APPLICATIONS" and then click on add at the bottom. Both are highlighted in the photo above.

It will come up for you to "browse". Go ahead and click on that.

After you click on browse this is what is going to come up (remember I am using Windows 7 but I'm sure it all should come up the same way) You will want to click on "COMPUTER" on the left hand side (or what ever place your hard drive is in). Then you will want to open "LOCAL DISC C:"

Now you will want to click on "PROGRAM FILES"

Once you click on "PROGRAM FILES" you will be taken to all your program files, so go ahead and scroll down the "MAKE THE CUT".

You will see a file "MTC". You will want to click on this and click "OPEN".

This box will pop up and check every box and then click "OK". You will click "OK" again on the previous screen. Then you will be taken back to the screen shown below. Once you get back to this screen you will need to click on "APPLY". If you do not click on "APPLY" all that work will be for nothing.

Phewwwwww - I know that was a bit of work, but now you can open Make the Cut from your desktop shortcut. You should not have a problem with MTC and Kaspersky colliding again! I know it was quite a bit of work, but it's so worth it. There is no better feeling then having your good 'ol Make the Cut back, up and running!!!

I hope this all helps you in getting yours working properly again.

BTW - This is my very first tutorial!! : )


  1. Hi!

    Thanks for posting this. Just dropping a line to let you know that version 3.2.1 of MTC was updated to address this issue.

    Everyone can download the latest version from here:


  2. Kristy I'm so glad that my post on the MTC forum helped you out with Kaspersky. Even though a newer version was issued today it's good to know how to fix this sort of problem on our own. Your Tut was very well done.


  3. Thanks, Andy!!

    So glad it was fixed!

    Thank you, Betty! I've left mine this way so that it won't even think about messing with my MTC in the future, lol. : )